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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What are a Grey Hat and Blue Hat Hackers

A grey hat hacker is someone who act like a combination of a black hat and a white hat. These may hack into a computer system and network without signed permission, to notify the system or network's administrator that their system/network is vulnerable and then offer to repair it for a cost. And that's why they act both a white hat and black hat, because they're doing it for a good purpose but still hacking without signed permission for a company. So, that's why they was titled as “grey hat”.

Grey Hat and Blue Hat

A blue hat hacker is a computer security expert that are employed outside the computer security of a company to search a bug or used to bug test a system before a company lunch this tested system. They're looking for exploits on the systems, so that they can be closed, to avoid the problem get bigger. Usually, Microsoft uses the term "BlueHat", with the capital letters of B and H and no space, [ ] to refer a computer security professional that they invited to find a vulnerability of or to hack their products such as Windows, and to report it unto them.

Remember that the exact spelling of the color gray in the adjective of the word “Grey Hat Hacker” is "grey" with a vowel of E and not gray. And lets come on blue hat hackers, they are a computer security professional who test a system of a company prior to its launch. If we compare those two types of hackers the grey hats and blue hats, they are different, 'cause a blue hat are very specific from what they've doing, and a grey hat is just a neutral between black hat and white hat, between evil and good. And that is all, folks!

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