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Thursday, November 29, 2012

(A Unique,) Script Kiddie vs. Elite Hacker

A script kiddie, also known as skiddie and skid for short, are individuals who use scripts or programs developed by a real hacker, to run a cheat into online or offline games, and to attack or break the computer systems and networks, without the proper understanding how the automated tools that they've used work. Most skids are an easy gamer whom learn to search the hacks of the games that they want to cheat, with the help of the Internet. Then, for the cause of what they've hearing, they're learning to search different kinds of hacks, especially a hack for a website, mostly a Denial of Service. Skiddies often used Leet or 1337, also known as Leet speak, substituting letters with numbers and symbols, abbreviating a word, and substituting word's suffix with another suffix or adding suffix to a word, just to notice the readers that they're a hacker. But in fact, they're not, they are just a script kiddie.

An elite hacker is used to describe the most skilled hackers depend on their classification or type, such as white hat or black hat. They are experts in the line of their work, and can find another different way to hack or to secure a computer system and network. They are an experienced programmer that can developed a computer program or system, depend on their classification. They sometimes use Leet speak too, substituting, abbreviating or short cutting, adding, and encrypting the words in hacker's slang, like a looser grammar and loose spelling, to avoid search engines from catching keywords on their websites and groups' news. Even though they're the skillful hackers whom originate the Leet, they just use it, only if it's needed because they (basically) do not want the other people to knew that they're a hacker.

Note that some information on this paragraph are recap, anyone who use automated tools to hack, cheat, or attack a computer system or network with a poor understanding of programming or computer networks, are absolutely a script kiddie. And any skillful programmer that have a capacity to find a new type of vulnerability can be titled or called as an elite hacker. To simplify, skiddies are the weakest and considered as not a hacker, they just only use scripts or programs as their tools which were developed by a programmer. And the elite hackers are the most skillful hackers which can develop a script or program for hacking and for security. A script kiddie are a very small man, and an elite hacker are a very tall man. Yet, we knew that not all small men become as tall as a very tall man.

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