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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to the World of Hacking and Security

First of all, the term computer safety is a branch of computer technology, including techniques and strategies, known as computer security information which applied to computers and computer networks. It is officially named as "computer security" which objective includes the protection of information and property whether it's private or not, from computer criminals such as theft and black hat hacker also called as cracker, or corruption or natural disaster, while allowing the information accessible to its intended users. Computer security researcher is a person who searches different kinds of tips and tutorials relating to computer security. But of course! The best computer expert is the researcher who also find weaknesses of a gadget or computer's resource as a hacker, to ensure the security of their own information system or the security of their organization's system.

The first, White Hat of the Philippines II The first seal of Filipino Hacker's blog, White Hat of the Philippines. It's simple but seriously created by the admin of this blog which takes many days before the admin have finished it.
Filipino Hacker is an informational site about hacking and security of computer where readers, viewers, or visitors can join to be a member and receive a free update of a new published blog post related on hacking technique with security tips to let them exactly know with their logic how to secure themselves from the kind of the attack which is written therein the new post. We teaches different kinds of hacking strategies for the security purpose of our readers to let them think as a black hat hacker (also known as cracker), for them to know what they shouldn't do to avoid getting caught by cybercriminal and computer criminal. Become our regular reader and learn to hack for your security purpose and not to crack!