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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Differences Between White and Black Hats

There are many specific types of hackers, and the popular two of those are a black hat and a white hat. A black hat hacker is (of course,) a hacker whom ignoring and does not care if they're violating the computer security of a system and network. For the cause of the results of what they have done, (how evil, stupidity, and harmful are them,) such as cracking, breaking, and making a computer system or network unusable for the intended users, they were called/named as a cracker. And not just that! They can also be sue and put to jail when they've caught with their victim. Instead they've use their knowledge on making their own decent business, they've used it to disturbed the business of the other. (What a pity!) Some of the computer systems of their victims are build within many days and not just a few days!

White Hat and Black Hat (Edited)
And a white hat hacker is someone that can hack or have a hacking knowledge, but they didn't using their skills (in computer) to harm the other person. And there's more! Most white hat hackers are basically knowledgeable on security, on how to secure the vulnerability of a computer system and network if it have. And that is there purpose why they do hacking, to study and to know exactly how to secure the leak of a computer system and network. Actually, most of them were hacking their own computer systems or the systems of their clients with the permissions of them, searching for a vulnerability, and study how to secure the bug. That's why they were titled as a computer security expert and ethical hacker. But there maybe some white hats that do hacks the computer system of the other person without a single permission, yet they do not damage it, just to increase their experience and securing ability.

Did you now know the differences of a white hat hacker to a black hat hacker? Wait, 'cause there's still more! They are like as good and evil.. The white hat hackers are the good people, and the black hat hackers are the bad people. But if you want to compare to know exactly what's the best type among those two, black hat and white hat. I would guess that the black hats are in the advantage when it's comes on computer attacking. But on defending, I will give it to a white hat hacker and the disadvantage among them is now to a black hat hacker. And additional, they are also like as the attacker and the defender. Yet, the attacker was still knew how to defend, and the defender was also knew how to attack.

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