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Monday, November 26, 2012

Literal Meanings of Hacking and Security

Some people when they've heard about the word "hacker", thought that the kind of the person which pointing on what they've heard is a kind that can access to the user account of the other person without the permission of the account's owner. But if we want the deep meaning of hacker, it's not as just easy as like that! Because anyone who finds a weakness on computer systems and networks can be called as hacker. There are now many articles on the World Wide Web and online communities which teaches or have tutorials about hacking and security. Most hackers can do both of hacking and security.

The word "hacking" is an action, and the "hacker" is the doer of the action of hacking. Here, we will know what are the deep meaning and the importance of hacking. Many hacking communities on the Web has a forum category not just of "Hacking", but of “Hacking and Security”, with security.. Do you know why is it like that? Because, imagine that you've wanted to fix a thing 'cause it is not working. Of course, you will need to find the broken part of it, the cause why it's not working. It's the same thing as that category. It is hacking and security when it comes in computer security, because you will need to hack, to find the weakness of a computer system or network, for you to be able to fix it and increase its security very well.

For you to know what's the problem or the vulnerability of a computer system or network, you must search its leak first as hacking. And when you've already find it, you can now then fix it or increase its security. So, if someone was hacking, it doesn't mean that he or she is trying to gain access to the system or network illegally, without any permission. Maybe, he/she is just looking for a bug to make it more secure as hacking and security. It is still the same thing as hacker, remember that hacking is the action of a hacker. Yet, there are still other hackers that did not using their minds. They crack, break, etc... They do bad to the system of other, they're deserving to be called as cracker. Yet, they can still learned more techniques and strategies on hacking and security communities or articles..

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