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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Meanings of Neophyte and Hacktivist

All of the programmers who have a strong understanding how computer and network work, which entering in the world of hacking, is titled as a neophyte (at hacking). It means that they are a new hacker without any classification yet and in learning before they claim themselves to a classification, such as white hat a computer security expert, black hat an evil side which also known as cracker, grey hat a combination of a white hat and a black hat, or blue hat which employed outside computer security confirming firms to bug test. And don't be confuse with a script kiddie, because a skiddie is not a hacker, but just pretending to be a hacker. A skid are doesn't have a proper understanding how computer systems and networks work, and no capacity to develop their own programs. Instead a neophyte, they are a programmer and can develop their own scripts and programs.

Anyone who finds weaknesses in a computer system or network to shout their social, religious, or political idea and issue, can be called as a hacktivist. Most of them are “cyber protesters” and involves website defacement or Denial-of-Service attacks. But still, in hacking community, anyone who uses automated tools such as scripts and programs developed by the other programmer, without proper understanding how it and a computer system and network work, is still a script kiddie. Hacktivists may defaced the website of their target, chance the visual of it, to a web page that they've developed with their message, and may warn their target that they will attack, mostly by DoS, the computer system of their target if their request ignored or did not granted.

A neophyte and hacktivist looks like they both have a few similarity. A neophyte at hacking are just a new comer hacker which doesn't have any classification but they already knew how computer and network work, and a hacktivist are a cyber activist and almost all types or classes of hackers including neophyte, can become a hacktivist. It means, a neophyte are doesn't have an exact type or classification yet, but they can be a hacktivist if they wish, and a hacktivist are has another type of hacker or (simply,) a script kiddie class. The difference is this! A script kiddie is not a neophyte, they are not the same but the two of them can become a hacktivist. So, there are two classes of hacktivists, the one is a true hacker, and the second is a skiddie a hacktivist script kiddie. And also, a neophyte can able to study how to hack a website to defaced it, to a web page with their announcement, they already have a capacity to do it, and be a hacktivist, because they're already have enough knowledge about programming. A neophyte can become a hacktivist but they cannot be a script kiddie because they knew how to build their own scripts and programs for hacking. The difference, there's a script kiddie in hacktivists but there's no skiddie in neophytes at hacking.

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