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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seven Types of Computer Security Hackers

One of the most popular Internet users are a hacker. But do you know that there are many different types of computer security hackers? It's not because if someone is a hacker, means that this person is a hacker without classification. And the other rumored are just individuals who uses automated tools developed by a hacker, and not a hacker. For now, there are seven (real and not imaginary) types of hackers. And you can see those seven below, and may know if a script kiddie is a type of hacker:

  1. White hat hacker: An ethical hacker who have permitted by a company to find a vulnerability into their computer system and network or website, and secure it if they found some leak. They are also known as a “computer security expert”, sneakers, red teams, or tiger teams.
  2. Black hat hacker: A programmer who develops their own scripts or programs to crash or corrupt or to steal the information on the computer system or website of their target. For the cause of what they've done, they was titled as a "cracker".
  3. Grey hat hacker: Someone who hack websites and computer systems and networks without any single signed permission of their target, and if they found a vulnerability or bug, they may slightly attack it, and surely offer to the administrator to fix it for a small fee.
  4. Blue hat hacker: A hacker which employed outside the computer security of a company to find exploits on their products, so that they will be closed and avoid getting much problem in the coming future. Microsoft spelled the word “Blue Hat” without space as "BlueHat".
  5. Neophyte: A programmer that starting to studies how to hack a website or computer system and network, and doesn't have any classification yet. They are still in learning before they've claim themselves a classification, such as a white hat, black hat, grey hat, or blue hat.
  6. Hacktivist: Anyone who find weaknesses into websites and then defaced and change the visual of it to a web page that they've developed with their message can be called as a hacktivist. They may also warn their target that they will attack the computer system or network of them if they did not grant their request.
  7. Elite hacker: A title used to describe the most skilled hackers, whether it's a white hat, black hat, grey hat, or blue hat. Unless they're outstanding on hacking, good in the line of their work, and have the capacity to discover new exploits, they can be called as an elite hacker. Sometimes, they also have a group where a high-level hacker only is accepted, and newly discovered exploits will circulate to these groups.

Those are the types of computer security hackers, without adding any other imaginary type, for now, such as a red hat and green hat. As you may see, a “script kiddie” was missing on the list above, (Why it was not written above?) because a skiddie is described below:

  • Script kiddie: A little of these people are jokingly called as hackers, but they're not! A script kiddie is an individual who just uses automated tools without proper understanding how it works, and not one of the types of hackers. Because if they're hackers, they can be employed by a company. Try to imagine if they were employed even they doesn't have a knowledge about programming. For me, it is worst! So, skiddies are not hackers.

Now that you see the seven types of the real hackers, with an extra meaning what script kiddies are. But who will know in the coming future if a new type of computer security hacker exist? Or a red hat become one of its types. If it's happened, I shall write another article which titled as “Eight Types of Computer Security Hackers” and if it is the will of God..

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