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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Leet Alphabet (Including Digraphs)

Leet (sometimes translated as "1337"), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is another alphabet in the combination of letters, numbers and symbols, for the English language but can be used with other languages including Filipino (or Tagalog) the official national language of the Philippines. Every other article about leet alphabet have a different graphical letter on the list of their letters, 'cause there's no official alphabet for 1337. Every leet alphabet on every other article, have their own version of graphical alphabet. A digraph are a pair of characters used together to represent a single sound that doesn't correspond to the normal values of the two or more characters combined, such as "oh" in English. Some languages including Filipino, digraph is considered an individual letter which means that they have their own place in the alphabet. The version of our leet alphabet are the only version that have included the digraphs of leet, such as CK, CKS, KW, PH and XX. These are the list of the graphical letters of our leet!
  • A: 4 or @ or /-\
  • B: }3 or |3
  • C: Ç or (
  • ck: }{ (as letter X)
  • cks: }{}{ (as double X)
  • D: |) or |}
  • E: 3
  • F: |?|-| (as digraph PH) or }= or |=
  • G: 6 or 9
  • H: |-|
  • I: 1 or | or !
  • J: _) or _| or _/ or `/ (or any graphical letter of Y)
  • K: |{ or |( or }?
  • kw: (,) (as letter Q)
  • L: 1 or |_ or |
  • M: /\/\ or /V\ or /v\
  • N: |\| or /\/ or /V
  • O: 0 (as zero) or () or ¤
  • P: |?
  • ph: }= (or any leet letter of F)
  • Q: (,) or |{\/\/ (or any graphical digraph of KW)
  • R: |2 or |Z
  • S: 5 or $ or 2 (for the leet letter of Z)
  • T: 7 or '|' or +
  • U: (_) or (J or |_|
  • V: \/
  • W: \/\/ or VV or vv or \X/ or \x/
  • X: }{ or Ç|{5 (or any leet digraph of CKS) or Ç|{ (or any leet of CK)
  • xx: Ç|{5 (or any 1337 of CKS)
  • Y: `/ or '/ or % or _) (or any leet of J)
  • Z: 2 or 5 (or any 1337 of S)


There are techniques on writing Leet word. For example, the right way to write the word "hill" in 1337 is like as |-|!11 or |-|1|_|_ or |-|!|_|_ or |-|1|| or |-|!||. And I would not recommend to write it as |-|||| even the letters I and L can write as | or |-||1|_ even the number 1 and the two symbols "|_" are symbolized to letter L or |-|1|_| even the symbols "|_" and | can represent the letter L, because anyone who will try to read it will get confused. Remember to think of the graphics as the shapes of the letters and not as their meanings. If you shall write it as |-|1||_ just adjust yourself by turning the symbol | after the number 1 into |_ instead the leethearers that will going to saw that mistakenly read it as "hiil". Now, if you're going to write the word including letters "WV", write those 2 letters thereon as |/\|\/ or VV\/ or vv\/ but not as \/\/\/. Did you see the difference? If you think that your leet word is too confusing to read like that, the proved was you the one who wrote it don't even know if it is triple V or VW or WV, then just change the way you write it. Another example to spell another word "wanna" in 1337, you can write it as \/\//-\/\//\//-\. As you can see, it's much harder to understand than \/\//-\|\|/\//-\ but if you only want a high-logic leetspeaker to understand your word, then go for it, write it in that way and you could also make it much more harder to read if you wish. Leetspeaking have no rules! If you want to make your 1337 hard to understand, it's okay but it's limited if it's become no way to understand. So, do not ever spell a leet word the way the leetreaders can't understand it!

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